CNC Slat Lathe:
A high speed, high precision, high reliability oblique bed machine tool. The main components of the bed, bed and headstock are made of high strength materials to ensure the long-term stability of the machine.
NC Vertical Lathe:
Machining inner and outer cylinder surface, conical surface, arc surface, end face, groove, all kinds of thread, drilling, reaming and boring of large diameter shaft and disk parts. Cutting process of chamfering and other processes.
Lathe: Suitable for processing large and medium-sized parts of castings, steel parts and nonferrous metals. It can be used for turning round, inner hole, end face, cutting groove, boring, boring and sleeve,cutting the internal and external threads.
CNC Machine Center:
To achieve the various plate, shell, complicated mould parts complete the drilling in afixture milling, boring, expanding, hinge tapping, multi working procedure, suitable for auto parts, electrical instruments, tools, motorcycle, hardware, motor parts processing and other industries.




Corporate Development

April2004 Tengzhou GDWCNC equipmentCo., LTDfound; August 2004 Develop and deliver NC car special machine; During 2005 Independent RD VMC7032A machining center Trial product line...

Factory Profile

Tengzhou Goodway Industry Co., Chinas small and medium-sized machine tool ,home office at Tengzhou. More than 20 years of research and development of CNC machine tools manufac...

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